What is Nail Fungal Laser?

Nail Fungus is heat sensitive and light sensitive. The light from the laser passes through the nail plate and the surrounding tissue including the nail bed. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the fungi which is darker than the surrounding cells causing the fungal cells to heat. The small rise in temperature plus repetitive light exposure kills the fungi and its spores. As your nail continues to grow the infected area grows out with it, leaving new clean nail.

How does nail Laser fungal laser work?

The laser uses short burst of laser energy to target the fungus beneath the nail and destroy it. The clinician will move the laser hand piece over the affected area in quick, short passes. Unlike some other lasers, there is very little sensation to the patient beyond some very mild warmth. A treatment usually lasts only a few minutes and the patient experiences absolutely no downtime after the procedure.

How Quickly Can I See Results from the Nail Fungus Treatment?

Upon a treatment with the Laser System, MOST of the nail fungus should be destroyed. Visual improvement, however, is not immediate but rather requires your toenail to grow out. Depending on how quickly your nails grow, you could see new clear nail appear starting at the bottom of your nail in a matter of a few weeks. In some cases it could take six months – twelve months for your old, fungal nail to completely grow out and be replaced by new, healthy nail.

How Effective Are Nail Fungus Treatments?

The Laser System has arguably the most comprehensive and resoundingly positive clinical results of any treatment used for nail fungus. In a controlled medical setting using a single practitioner, over 100 patients were treated with varying degrees of onychomycosis. From this group, patient satisfaction was measured at 100% with the eventual appearance of significant to complete clear nail measured in 97% of cases. Only the most advanced cases of toenail fungus did not report complete clearance and in those rare cases, a few follow-up treatments will usually produce the desired result.

Does Nail Fungal Laser Hurt?

Besides its effectiveness, the laser distinguishes itself from other lasers primarily in the degree of patient comfort its treatments provide. Other lasers use the principle of heat in an attempt to destroy the nail fungus, which in turn can translate into significant patient intolerance of those treatments. Conversely, the shorter burst of Q-switched laser energy employed by the laser imparts only minimal heat detected by the patient. In short, treatments are highly tolerable and do not hurt.