Duck Feet – Out-Toeing

Out-toeing is a condition that exhibits an externally rotated (or “turned out”) appearance of a child’s feet when they walk. This could be possibly due to an underlying neurological condition, growth or a a persistent fetal position.

Duck Feet (“Out-Toeing”)

It is most likely that you are duck-footed or you are out-toeing if your feet turn outwards as you walk. The hips of children naturally turn outwards as they grow, it is common for children to be duck-footed.

This style of walking may seem adorable among children. However, they may outgrow it as they develop since most adults don’t fancy this walking style. If it is not treated early enough, it may lead to other problems.

Treatments for Duck Feet Walk

Th major symptom out-toeing is abnormal gait and it can be treated quite easily. You only need to aid your muscles to remember the right position they need to take. You can achieve this by paying more attention to the position your feet take at all times, for example when walking, resting, or standing.

The following additional options can as well help you:

  • Orthotic Inserts for Treatment of Duck Feet
  • Using orthotic inserts in your footwear is one of the best methods of helping your muscles to regain their normal gait. These orthotics are also not expensive. They perform two primary roles; helping to stabilise your heel and preventing your feet from pointing inwards or outwards. These devices also provide additional support in cases where one is duck footed due to lack of muscle strength or an injury to the leg. Besides, the that orthotics can heal or prevent plantar fasciitis which is caused by flattening of the arch.
  • Proper footwear
  • Stretching & Exercises
  • Stretching exercises can help you to avoid stress as you try to change your gait and avoid soreness. You can also achieve the objective of realigning your gait using the same stretching procedure as that of treating plantar fasciitis.
  • Massage

Mild muscle discomfort or soreness are some of the issues that may arise as you try to get your muscles back to the right position. Self-myofascial release and massage can help you to reduce soreness and tightness in the muscles due to your efforts to change your gait. Contact us on 03 9077 5915 for further assessment and treatment.