CallusDead skin build-up on toes, joints, heels and the bottom of your foot?

Calluses are naturally manufactured protection for the ball of the foot and heels.  The layers of thick, dead skin can be useful since they form in areas that need to be protected from repetitive friction.  Your body forms this thick dead skin to protect the more sensitive tissues underneath. These can be caused simply by poor fitting shoes, or the cause may be more complicated, such as uneven weight distribution and biomechanical instability when you walk. You can prevent many calluses by wearing different shoes for a variety of weight distribution on your feet and applying a moisturizing cream.

Treatment for Calluses

Occasionally calluses can become painful and require treatment from a foot specialist. Treatment includes physically removing the callus. Most often, pain will be eliminated. The specific reasons for the callus formation should be addressed as well. If the problem is footwear, changing to a more appropriate shoe may be all that is needed. If the callus is formed due to an underlying biomechanical imbalance, a custom orthotic or shoe insert may be recommended in order the re-distribute the weight to the appropriate joints when you walk.