Optimum Care Foot and Ankle Clinic was founded in late 2017 and have since been known as one of Melbourne’s leading podiatrist servicing both Richmond and Cranbourne North areas. As a small practice, Optimum Care provides carefully tailored treatment plans specific to each and every client, ensuring top priority is given to the desired outcome.

Our practitioners at Optimum Care remains at the forefront of the industry through continuous training and learning processes which includes on-going research and development of the latest clinical trials and processes to better understand and provide the best practices essential to your care.

Our mission at Optimum Care Richmond Foot and Ankle Clinic is to foster and provide its patients with appropriate individualised treatment plans to treat issues of the lower limbs as well as general podiatric care (nail, corn, calluses and ingrown toenails). Specifically, the clinic provides a wide range of treatments to treat sport and other general foot injuries, including minor day surgeries that are performed under local anesthetic.

The mandate of Optimum Care Foot and Ankle Clinic lies on the fact that with proper diagnosis and treatment, most foot and ankle problems can be treated successfully.