What are Ingrown Toenails?

This condition is common in many people. It may be painful and result in an infection or inflammation. The condition can be due to the nail cutting technique, shape of the nails, infection, or trauma to the nail. In many cases, the problem recurs and therefore requires professional attention.

Highly qualified clinicians recommend either through routine treatment or simple surgery.

Walk in Walk Out Surgery

This option can be performed without necessarily disrupting one’s daily activities.

Podiatrists recommend nail surgery when the method of conservative management fails to work. This method manages long-term ingrowing toenails and may be used in cases that involve abnormal shape, fungal infection, injury, or damage to the nail. A portion or the whole nail is removed along the matrix.The patient may choose to have the offending portion of the nail phenolised, after phenolisation, the offending nail part that has been removed may not grow again, but nail will regrow to its normal shape without the offending spikes. Contact us on 03 9077 5915 for further assessment and treatment.